You can’t buy happiness but you can buy CAKE

And that’s kind of the same thing!

Sweetopiaa brings you the best in baking with a gourmet twist. We offer fresh-baked cakes, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, and bars. We also make sophisticated versions of classic treats, like our own desserts, pies.

Our custom-designed cakes range from ‘traditional’ tiered Wedding cakes to ‘one of a kind creations for Birthdays and other Celebrations, including corporate events, promotions, advertising, etc. Our cake consultants can help you build your dream cake for any of life’s celebrations, large or small. These special cakes are available in Fondant and Buttercream versions. Our latest customized creations can be viewed on the Sweetopiaa Facebook page

Everything served at Sweetopiaa is made fresh daily, on the premises, using the finest ingredients available, whether it is butter and cream from quality producers, the highest quality extracts and food safe colors, imported chocolates, and fresh seasonal produce.

Story of Sweetopiaa

Sapnaa Kumar Nigam
Sapnaa Nigam
Founder Sweetopiaa

You can’t go looking for your passion; It finds You.

Growing up with a Sikhni mom and Bundelkhandi dad, I lived at the cusp of chole bhature/aate ke pude versus dal kachoris/maal puye. Food was the epicentre of our lives, around which our best moments evolved and memories of a lifetime were built; yes, food for me, was for my soul first and then my stomach.

By the time, I was in college, I was already baking cakes for my friends, in exchange for Nimbu Paani and Hot Samosa treats from our St. Stephen’s College Dhaba.

But it was only after my son was born, that I ventured into baking seriously. Mainly to fulfil his bizarre desire for Fondant covered Super-Heroes at first and then to fulfil other kids’ desire for fondant covered cartoon characters. And, before I knew it, my life was being freshly baked into a new Batter of Goodness every day.

The aromas of freshly baked cakes and cookies soon travelled from my tiny kitchen to the living rooms of all my friends and acquaintances. As requests and demands started pouring in, I realised there more to a cake than a mere food item for consumption. As Julia Child has famously said- “ A Party without a Cake, is Just a Meeting”. Soon, I was a full-time, much-in-demand Baker.

The best part about “my passion” is that it gets my creative side flowing. For me, baking is about creating memories, those special moments when your world comes to a hazy pause, you float in the clouds and stop…counting calories!

Nothing gives me more happiness than to see people gather around to celebrate their special moments… with a cake from Sweetopiaa. Every family, every mother, every child, has a different wish for “something meetha”, and it is absolutely thrilling to make their wishes come true. Inventing new customised cakes and themed party cakes is what keeps my creativity flowing.

This is the Story of how Sweetopiaa was born; spreading joy; creating memories; one cake at a time.

What our valuable Customer Says!

Bharati Chaturvedi

Bharati Chaturvedi

I love food. But I also care where it comes from, what’s in it. Who is making it? As a vegan and someone who avoids gluten, I am usually stuck with cardboard-style patisserie offerings. Mercifully, I discovered Sweetopiaa-which is as good as it gets. I like that it’s small, personal, run by a woman, and super clean. Not to mention inventive, so people like me, get many goodies without breaking the bank.

Bharati Chaturvedi

Writer and Founder of environmental NGO, Chintan.

Afsana Lama

Being an HR it’s not only my role and responsibility to look after the organization but also to make the happiest environment for the employees, the birthday celebration at the office is one of the special days of any employee in any organization, along with the wishes cake matters a lot,
Connecting with the Sweetopiaa was the best decision and eating the delicious cake on time is like an increment
would highly recommend Sweetopiaa!
Best wishes to the sweet lady.

Afsana Lama

Gitanjali & Mohit

Gitanjali & Mohit

For the past five years now, we have been diehard ‘Sweetopiaa’ loyalists. Sweetopiaa has been preparing the cake for our daughter’s birthday year after year and we wouldn’t have it any other way! It offers an unmatched combination of personalized, ‘home-like baking with top-notch ingredients and customized designs. And not to forget every festive season, the Sweetopiaa goodies ‘basket’ is an eagerly awaited tradition in our home – assured of both the consistency in taste and quality and of course satiety, that is guaranteed…!

Gitanjali & Mohit

Home Maker
Jeena Abraham Chhabra

Jeena Abraham Chhabra

I have only one weakness and that is Sweetopiaa’s cakes. Time and again I keep getting cravings for their awesome cakes. The owner makes a variety of them and she even designs them to your particular taste. I love her icings. And the cookies (coffee and Belgium chocolate) are delicious. The coffee ones are addictive.

Jeena Abraham Chhabra

Innovations Manager DFID India ,British High Commission.